E600 Class of 2021: Survey 4

Chapter 4: Difficulty

How difficult to understand did you find the material of Chapter 4 on average?

Self-study 4: Time spent

How much time did you spend on the fourth set of self-study exercises?

Self-study 4: Completion

On the fourth set of self-study exercises, how many of the sub-exercises (1.a, 1.b, etc.) were you/was your group able to solve?

Self-study 4: Difficulty

Personally, I found the fourth set of self-study exercises...

Self-study 4: Hard Problems

On the fourth set of self-study exercises, I found it especially difficult to understand/solve problem number... (please select at most 3 problems)

Self-study 4: Usefulness

In developing a better/deeper understanding of the concepts discussed in chapters 3 and 4, I found the exercises of the fourth set of self-study problems...


How was your experience in working on the self-study problems?

Feedback (optional)

If you like, you can give some feedback on the self-study problems and the online class thus far in this field. (E.g. should one problem be explained especially carefully tomorrow, was a concept not explained clearly and should be discussed again, do you have a specific question about some topic, etc.)

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