E600 Class of 2021: Survey 3

Chapter 3: Difficulty

How difficult to understand did you find the material of Chapter 3 on average?

Self-study 3: Time spent

How much time did you spend on the third set of self-study exercises?

Self-study 3: Completion

On the third set of self-study exercises, how many of the sub-exercises (1.a, 1.b, etc.) were you/was your group able to solve?

Self-study 3: Difficulty

Personally, I found the third set of self-study exercises...

Hard Problems

On the third set of self-study exercises, I found it especially difficult to understand/solve problem number... (please select at most 3 problems)

Self-study 3: Usefulness

In developing a better/deeper understanding of the concepts discussed in chapters 2 and 3, I found the exercises of the third set of self-study problems...

Groupwork 1/2

How was your experience in working on the self-study problems?

Groupwork 2/2

Do you need a new group for the next set of problems? Please only answer with yes if you want to be allocated to a new group by me, and not e.g. if you want to switch groups but you know who you will be working with already.

Feedback (optional)

If you like, you can give some feedback on the self-study problems and the online class thus far in this field. (E.g. should one problem be explained especially carefully tomorrow, was a concept not explained clearly and should be discussed again, do you have a specific question about some topic, etc.)

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