Chapter 0 – Quiz 2

1. What is the mathematical nature of the graph of a function f, i.e. what type of object is it?


2. Consider the premise P1: “Every time I watch my sports team play, they lose.” Which pairs of additional premise P2 and conclusion C are such that P1 and P2 imply C? (Multiple choice; Hint/clarification: you may assume that winning and losing are mutually exclusive.)


3. Let f be a function such that \lim_{x\to 0} f(x) = 0 = f(0). What is false? (Single choice)


4. For a function f:X\mapsto\mathbb R where X\subseteq\mathbb R, consider the statement S:= (\forall x\in X: f(x) + 1 \geq f(0)). Below, you are given a number of statements and an asserted relationship to S. Select all answers where the assertion is correct. (Multiple choice; Hint: equivalent conditions are also both necessary and sufficient!)


5. Consider the conclusion “Snoopy is a good boy”. Which two premises P1 and P2 imply this conclusion? (Single Choice)


6. Which of the following are true? (Multiple choice)


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