Chapter 4 – Quiz 2

1. Which statement about the Lagrangian function is not true? (Single choice)


2. True or false: conceptually, we can view constrained optimization with constraint set C(\mathcal P)\subseteq dom(f) and objective f as unconstrained optimization of the restricted function f|_{C(\mathcal P)}.


3. Select all true statements about the Lagrangian method. (Multiple choice)


4. What is the value of the objective function at the constrained global maximizers in \max x_1\cdot x_2 \hspace{0.5cm}\text{subject to}\hspace{0.5cm} x_1^2 + x_2^2 = 8? You can take for granted that a solution exists (because there are no border solution candidates, this means the solution(s) will be identified by the Lagrangian method). Write down your result as an integer, do not use spaces, letters, etc.

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